How to get started


A few things you ought to consider before taking a pattern of a historical garment:

Place of work: Find yourself a table that is large enough for the entire garment and place the garment on thin acid free paper. This will enable you to move the garment without handling. Remember that any handling wears the garment. Therefore – not too much movement.




    • Millimeter paper
    • Ruler
    • Tape measure
    • Pins (very thin, thick pins will damage the fabric)
    • Pencil - No. 4 (Always use a pencil, never a pen. Pens should never come near museum objects)




Before you start: Practice on new garments and start with something relatively simple like a skirt. For your first attempts stay clear of jersey and satin, fabrics like this are extremely difficult to work with. Make yourself acquainted with different ways of drawing patterns. This will be very useful to you when you venture out on your own.


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